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Disappointment in the City

City staff and Denzil Minnan Wong held a community consultation meeting on Tuesday night to present what should be done with the site at the corner of Don Mills and The Donway. Unfortunately, the DMRI was very disappointed with what the City presented to the Community. The vast majority of the residents were also very disappointed and there was a palpable angry in the room.

The DMRI has met, along with other leaders from the community, to discuss what should be done with the site. At these meetings, the DMRI told City staff and Denzil Minnan Wong that these meetings were premature and inappropriate as the issue regarding the community centre was under litigation. Although we stated clearly that these meetings were inappropriate, we participated in the discussions. Unfortunately, the presentation on Tuesday from our councillor and staff does not represent what was discussed at these meetings by community leaders. It seemed like the objective of the community meeting was to justify the City’s decision not to live up to their signed agreement.

As you can see in the picture below the councillor has made a list of things central Don Mills might like instead of the community centre that was negotiated and memorialized in a legally binding agreement.

  1. A library (the TPL has stated they don't want it)
  2. Long Term Care
  3. Health care
  4. A Shelter
  5. A Food Bank
  6. A Paramedic Station
  7. The Community centre was a write-in


The lawsuit filed against the City will be heard on July 8th in the Ontario Superior Court.