York Mills and Leslie Development

801 York Mills Road


This property is located at Leslie and York Mills.  It includes the buildings currently housing Windfield’s Restaurant and the Swiss Chalet.  It also includes the property on Leslie where Browns Veterinary clinic was.  It does not include the property at the corner containing a strip plaza with the Big Smoke Burger restaurant, Sleep Country and a cleaners.


First Capital owns the properties dealt with in this proposal.  It also owns the Longo’s Plaza (York Mills Gardens) across the street as well as the Starbuck Plaza further east on York Mills (861 York Mills Rd).


The owner has submitted a proposal to the City and it includes:

  • 2 towers – 21 stories each connected with a 7 storey podium where the Windfields and Swiss Chalet buildings are.
  • 1 mid-rise building of 9 stories where Brown’s Vet was on Leslie.
  • Retail in the podium of the ‘towers’ building.
  • A small park is proposed on Scarsdale - comprising much of the parking lot currently behind the Swiss Chalet.


The DMRI has met with the home owners in the area, with the developer and with City planners.  As noted above the ‘virtual’ community consultation meeting was held on the evening of November 12 and was well attended.  The local residents expressed their concerns as did the DMRI.  In addition, a planner representing the company that owns the strip plaza on the corner.  That planner has written a letter of objection to the City outlining a number of concerns that echo ours – e.g. the development is too dense, the buildings too tall and there is insufficient transition between the single-family houses south of the site and the condominiums.  This particularly so with the 9-storey building which is very close to the houses to the south.  There were many other concerns expressed such as traffic issues, schools, …


I believe the City heard the concerns of the community and will be working with the developer to modify the proposal.

This link will take you to the application details.