Don Mills says goodbye to an old friend!

Better Living’s CEO, Bill Krever, is leaving the Better Living community after
32 years of dedicated service to the seniors of Don Mills and beyond.

Bill joined what was then known as The Don Mills Foundation for Seniors in 1986, as director of E.P. Taylor Place, a recreational programme for seniors, and was promoted to President and CEO in 1991. There were 4 employees in those days, however with Bill’s guidance, Better Living has grown to include: a dementia day programme, meals on wheels, transportation, homemaking, home assistance, and a community hospice, currently employing a total of 400 employees.

Bill claims the name change from Don Mills Foundation for Seniors to Better Living is because “everybody figured as a Foundation, we gave away money!”

The organization includes:
• Better Living at Thompson House - a long-term care facility.
• Better Living Health and Community Services - seniors’ day programmes.
• Better Living Charitable Foundation - the fund-raising arm
and the newest and a desperately needed addition -
The Margaret Bahen Hospice in Newmarket - a 10-bed hospice for compassionate end-of-life care.

On a personal note, I’ve worked with Bill as a Board member at Better Living for many years. It has, without a doubt, been a positive and rewarding experience. As well as being extremely competent and incredibly knowledgeable, Bill is a very kind and caring person. We wish him well in his new position as Chief Executive Officer at Victoria Village in Barrie. On the site of the old Royal Victoria Hospital, Bill will oversee a 128-bed long-term care home, 57 Life Lease units, 16 Retirement Life Lease units, and commercial space for special services, such as a pharmacy. As well, future tasks will include the planning of over 3 acres of currently undeveloped land.

Good-bye Bill. You’ve been a huge part of Don Mills for a long time. You will be missed.

Dorothy Pestell