The Don Mills Community Centre - Why the DMRI is Fighting the City

We have been asked why the DMRI is fighting the City of Toronto’s plan for a community centre. The City has not provided the community with all of the information regarding this important decision, so we have decided to set the record straight... (click the title to read more)

There Insufficient Funding for Our Community Centre?

The City suggests that the money set aside in 2010 is insufficient. There is no evidence of this. Cadillac Fairview committed $17 million dollars, indexed to the cost of building from 2010... (click the title to read more)

An Operator could not be found for the Community Centre. Not true!

The City suggests that they were unable to find an operator. The truth is that they didn’t really look for one... (click the title to read more)

The Celestica proposal is still in Don Mills. It's not!

This statement is not technically true. Don Mills itself is defined in the City’s Central Don Mills Secondary Plan as stretching from York Mills in the north to the CP rail line in the south... (click the title to read more)

There have been consultations with the community. No there has not!

There have been no consultations. There were a series of pop-ups with small groups designed as sales pitches for the City’s preferred plan. The City held an open house on May 6th designed to sell the concept of a single facility at Celestica... (click the title to read more)

The City knows what would be built on the site at the Shops. NO!

Councillor Minnan-Wong suggests the land will stay in City hands for community use... (click the title to read more)

There Will Only Be A Minor Delay In Construction of the Community Centre - Not true!

The City suggests that the construction will start in 2022 and be completed by 2025. According to the current approvals by the City, the arena and the recreation facilities are scheduled for Phase 2 of the project. Phase 1 has not even begun... (click the title to read more)

The actual choice is between a having a Community Centre in the heart of Don Mills Now, or gambling on something outside of our community in the future.

As we have stated previously, there is a legally binding agreement (available on our website) between the City of Toronto, Cadillac Fairview and the Don Mills Residents Inc... (click the title to read more)

What about the Celestica facilities?

We have no objection to a community centre at the Celestica site. There is sufficient money now to build the arena plus an additional $12M for some recreational facilities... (click the title to read more)

Join our real community meeting

DMRI is organizing a real community meeting for Thursday, June 6, 7 pm
at Donway Covenant United Church, 230 The Donway West.

Erik Kalm – President

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