Canada's First Fully Planned, Connected, Live-Work Community

The Don Mills Residents Inc. VISION STATEMENT


For the community of Don Mills, the DMRI envisions:


  • A mix of housing types, tenures and affordability.


  • A neighbourhood where residents live, learn, work, and enjoy.


  • A community where quiet streets and open spaces such as parks, paths and walkways, are preserved and expanded.


  • A community that is safe and livable.


  • A community with a strong, vibrant central core that continues to be a gathering place for residents to shop, find services and enjoy recreation in the heart of Don Mills – the junction of Don Mills Road and Lawrence Avenue East, now known as “The Shops”.




The Don Mills Residents Inc. MISSION STATEMENT


In order to achieve the above Vision, the Don Mills Residents Inc.


  • Strive to remain vigilant regarding new construction projects and developments that come to our attention, in order to ensure consistency with the City’s Official Plan and Zoning ByLaws.


  • Ensure the timely upkeep and expansion of our parks and pathways system, so that Don Mills residents will continue to enjoy the natural environment that is unique to the area.


  • Maintain a respectful and harmonious relationship with our law enforcement and human services communities, working together to keep all our residents safe and healthy.


  • Advocate for transparency of deals between the City and developers.


  • Advocate for the inclusion of socially and economically diverse groups into the Don Mills community.


  • Advocate for sustainable, well-planned and managed growth.



(The Vision and Mission statements were approved by the DMRI Board in July 2020)