If you would like to offer your unique skills to help with these committees or if you wish to participate as a DMRI volunteer in general, we welcome your participation and invite you to join – please fill out our DMRI Volunteer form and secretary Brian will get back to you.

DMRI Committees

2015 – 2016


To recommend and organise suggestions for improving membership within all areas of our service community.  This could include welcome activities to new residents, identification of low membership areas, increased awareness of the work of the DMRI in the rental community etc. and other efforts to increase membership. The maintenance of membership lists and contact details would still be the responsibility of the Membership Secretary.

Community Events

Identify and assume responsibility for Community activities/events that will help to improve community strength. This could include such things as meetings on matters of community interest, special events such as the Street Festival, all Candidates meetings, community meetings with Councillors and School Trustees, theatre or other group social activities, and other actions that will improve community awareness and collectivity.


This will include monitoring applications to the Committee of Adjustment and working with local residents in organising opposition to those that are felt to be not in compliance with the characteristics of the community. Monitoring applications for major developments within and adjoining our community, and in conjunction with the Executive Committee as a whole determine what actions should be taken to oppose undesired development within the community. Monitor Planning legislation at the City and Provincial levels to identify and make recommendations as to what action should be taken, if any, in concert with other resident organizations. 

Fund Raising

Monitor and recommend activities related to the accumulation and use of Corporate Funds for the financial support of corporate activities. 

Communications/ Public Relations

To publish and maintain a quarterly Newsletter and other communication technologies such as email, Facebook, the web, and other modalities as required. To identify other activities or resources which would assist in making the work of the DMRI known to all residents within the DMRI community boundaries, and establish links with area public services such as radio, television and local and national newspapers.