President’s Message

Don Mills Community Centre – As we have mentioned many times in the past, the DMRI is actively engaged with the City, Cadillac Fairview, and our city councillors, to make sure that the Don Mills Community Centre gets completed as the residents of Don Mills have long been promised. I won’t go into the details here, as our Vice President of Development, Brian Story has so capably covered it in his own update, in this newsletter.

However, while the election has delayed some of the final decisions that need to be made before construction can begin, rest assured that the DMRI is constantly pursuing this issue. We have been in regular contact with Denzil Minnan-Wong in this regard. Denzil is the City councillor for almost all of Don Mills now where he previously only dealt with the portion east of Don Mills road. He now deals with everything east of Leslie Street in addition to the Wynford-Concorde area as part of his expanded ward. We have been heartened by the support he has given us, and the community, to ensure that the Community Centre gets built where and when promised. Indeed, Councillor Minnan Wong has written to us the following:

"Based on the strong support from the Don Mills Community, I am writing to confirm my support for the proposed Don Mills Community Centre project at the corner of Don Mills Road and The Donway, agreed to by the City of Toronto, Cadillac Fairview and the Don Mills Residents Inc."
Denzil Minnan-Wong

We thank Councillor Minnan Wong for his clear support, and look forward to working with him to make sure we are all enjoying our new Community Centre as soon as possible.

Rest assured that the Community Centre development is our top priority, and I will personally assure you that we will do everything in our power to make sure that it is completed as expeditiously as possible.

The DMRI Needs You

As the year winds down, and we head into the holiday season, we once again ask our members to renew their memberships and reaffirm their support of your community representatives.
A little bit about the DMRI:

  • We are a completely volunteer organization. We have an executive of about 20 Don Mills residents, who generously give of their time, 12 months of the year, to protect the interests of the community.
  • We receive no government or corporate support. All the monies that the DMRI has are raised strictly from our friends in the community. This allows us to be completely independent, and able to fight for the needs of the community, as we and the community see fit.
  • All proceeds from any activities we hold, like our wonderful yearly Street Fest, go back to helping the community.
  • The DMRI is one of the strongest and most respected community organizations in Toronto. We have been active in Don Mills since 1971, and we look forward to many more years serving the community, and keeping Don Mills the truly special place it has always been.

So I ask you, friends and neighbours, to please continue to support the DMRI in the important work we are doing for you. Please renew your subscriptions, and if you are able, donate a little more to help our cause. If you are not yet a member, please sign up now to help the fight to preserve this incredible community. We are your voice in the city, and any support you give us only makes us stronger.

Erik Kalm
President, DMRI