President’s Message

DMRI Annual General Meeting Presidents Message


I am not quite sure where to begin with this year’s President’s Report! The DMRI has been working on many neighbourhood issues and developments which have been made more challenging by the Covid19  pandemic. It has been a little over a year since I became president of the DMRI, and what a year it has been. For the past six months, our Board has not only been meeting virtually amongst ourselves, but with developers and city staff as well. Our Board members have become quite adept at the technology and have adapted to the new realities of communicating.

On the development front, Celestica moved out of their facility in April of 2019 and the massive factory and office complex has been torn down and recycled. I found the amount of separation of materials and the recycling process to be impressive. The next stage will be the demolition of a portion of the old brown brick IBM office.  Some parts of the façade will be incorporated into the new condos.

The two buildings that make up the Rodeo Condos at the south-east side of the Shops at Don Mills are now coming out of the ground.  As well, there are new developments planned for Wynford Heights, the Don Valley Hotel,  Leslie Street, near the old Inn on the Park, the corner of Leslie and York Mills and at the old Prince Hotel. Literally every corner of Don Mills has development in the works that will be coming online in the next few years.

I mention these developments because our Board has been working with the city planning staff, developers and residents, in some cases for years, to influence how these projects are developed. We know that change in Don Mills is not only inevitable but needed as our City evolves. Our goal is to ensure that development is appropriate, adds to the community and that the long term health of our vibrant neighbourhood is maintained.  The only tools in the DMRI tool box is the support of our members, the hard work of our Board, and everyone’s passion to maintain the great neighbourhood we have chosen to make our home.

The DMRI relies on our relationship with City Staff, our City Councillor, and our Mayor which at times has been challenging!  As many of you know the DMRI filed suit against Cadillac Fairview and the City of Toronto over the signed Minutes of Settlement that required a Community Centre to be built at the corner of The Donway West and Don Mills Road. When the City unilaterally decided to renege on the settlement and dared us to sue them we said bring it on, because a deal is a deal. Since filing the suit, Cadillac Fairview negotiated and settled with us. They agreed that when they entered into the Minutes of Settlement for the Community Centre at the Shops at Don Mills, it was their intention to live up to their word. It was the City’s unilateral action that is stopping them from fulfilling their obligations. We have filed a letter from Cadillac Fairview in our court application, that among other things says “C/F Realty Holdings Ltd. intended to build a community centre that satisfied the specifications of the Minutes of Settlement on the CC Lands ( As Defined in the Minutes), in accordance with its obligations under the respective agreements.”  Cadillac Fairview will not be opposing our application.

I will go into more depth at our upcoming on-line Annual General Meeting on September 16, about this case and look forward to seeing everyone then. A strong residents association is vital to shaping the future of the neighbourhood we call home.



Stephen Ksiazek, President DMRI



Stephen Ksiazek
President, DMRI