Membership Secretary: Bruce Kappel

dmri-board_BruceKappelBruce and his wife Betsy have lived in Don Mills for over 40 years – about 20 years in a townhouse in Area 1, about 20 years in a detached house in Area 5, and the last 3 years in a condo apartment in Area 11. Their two daughters grew up in Don Mills. Bruce is now retired but spent most of his career as a freelance consultant addressing issues facing people with developmental disabilities in Canada. On a volunteer basis, he continues those involvements. As a social planner, Bruce was involved in interdisciplinary teams planning new communities in Ontario.

These days Bruce is co-leader of the Tai Chi group in Area 11 and serves on his condo board. Bruce and Betsy can be seen most mornings walking from Don Mills and Lawrence along the Don Mills trail, up Scarsdale Rd, ending up at the Second Cup in the Longo’s Plaza (then back again).

Bruce is interested is seeing Don Mills evolve in ways which are consistent with its original design as a live, learn, work and play community. He wants to see us act in more socially and environmentally responsible ways.