Membership Secretary: Barb Henderson

In the 50s, I was a student at Overland Public School from kindergarten through Grade 5. I remember the Don Mills Centre with a theatre, the curling rink, Eaton’s, Diana Sweets, Laura Secord and the liquor store with those panels that listed the available selections and packages that came from behind a counter in a brown bag. How times have changed! I went away, went to school, came back and lived in some wonderful parts of Toronto; the Annex, the Beach, Bloor West Village, and in the early 21st century, Don Mills once again. Shortly following after our return there was a notice in my mailbox about a DMRI community meeting to do with the re-development that we now know as ‘Shops at Don Mills’. The presentation was informative and professional and that’s how I learned of our community association – and we signed on as members.

In the newsletter provided at the meeting, there was an appeal for volunteers. Having time to be a volunteer I registered my availability and here I am some 10 years later still keeping the records of Membership for the DMRI. I am proud of all of the work that our Executive and the many volunteers behind the scenes do for the community and I am grateful for the engagement and support of the residents of Don Mills in their community. As we note in our pamphlets, newsletters and other media, Don Mills is truly ‘one of the finest communities in Metropolitan Toronto in which to live’.