Member at Large: John Cockerill

dmri-board_JohnCockerillJohn has lived in the Don Mills community since 1984. He is a father to 3 and husband to beautiful wife Julia. John is currently President of The Taylor Reach Group, a strategic call and contact centre consulting firm helping clients improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations.

John returns to the DMRI Executive after taking a couple years off. His strong passion and vision for Don Mills is wonderful. He is willing to take an active role in the community and help out wherever needed.

Understanding that new development is coming and in some cases needed, John has been very involved in the community dealing with the City to maintain building by-laws and ensuring that compliances are met.

Currently John also volunteers his time as Chair for the Better Living Health and Community Services, and Thompson House.

One of John’s other passions is walking. You’ve probably seen him walking through Don Mills with his Tilley hat and walking sticks in tow, last year walking 250 miles across the South/West Coast Path trail of Cornwall England. Welcome back John.