Area 9 Coordinator: Georgina Wilcock

dmri-board_GeorginaWilcockGeorgina has been a resident of Don Mills for the last 13 years.

She believes that mitigating actions will result in more community building. For example building active transportation in the community cuts pollution with the added benefi ts of decreased childhood obesity, safer streets and increased community interactions. Georgina is a member of cycle 25, a bicycle advocacy group in ward 25.

Georgina is motivated to work with the DMRI to build a more sustainable community. She believes it is very important to counter the development of super sized houses on our streets and would like to see Don Mills declared a heritage neighbourhood. Aside from housing Georgina believes recreation is essential for all healthy communities; Hockey plays such an integral role in the lives of so many families. She thinks it is an urgent issue for the community of Don Mills to establish a hockey arena in central Don Mills.