Area 8 Coordinator: Vera Straka

dmri-board_VeraStrakaI have lived in Don Mills in area 8 for 31 years.

I have been involved with the Lower Banbury RA since 1990, the time which marks the signifi cant changes in this area, with the appearance of monster homes. We tried to raise the awareness of the discourse between the existing development and what is possible to build under the local by-laws as well as the “loose” reinforcement of the compliance with the by-laws. With the rapidly changing demographics in the Lower Banbury area and lack of volunteers the local RA ceased to be viable. As we were always part of DMRI it was decided to operate under the DMRI.

Why I am involved? I am interested in sensitive developments, which respect their context and immediate micro-environment as well as the global environmental sensitivity. I would like to see Don Mills as an example of transformed community which supports the local businesses, provides amenities which the community needs with the easy access on foot or by bike and rejuvenates social interaction.

I have been the DMRI representative on the Don Watershed Regeneration Council for past 2.5 years.