1st Vice President: George Hantzis

dmri-board_GeorgeHantzisI moved into DM with my wife Angela and our 15th month old in 2011. Since then, our family grew in 2012 with the birth of our daughter. I can be seen frequenting the swings with my kids at rocketship park, grabbing a bite to eat at the shops, and unaccompanied at Shoppers picking up milk and diapers on most week nights.

By day, I am a professional consulting mechanical engineer working for the natural gas utility in demand side management for large volume Industrial customers – the Celestica’s, Agropur Natrels of our area. I provide engineering analysis and help identify energy opportunities to reduce their natural gas consumption. I chose this field because I am passionate about reducing green house gas emissions and realizing a reduced carbon footprint – and also to keep Industrial customers competitive, so they can remain in our Don Mills and not exported abroad.

I joined the DMRI in 2014 for two reasons mainly:

  1. It’s no secret that I’m somewhat younger – and so, I represent a somewhat younger demographic. A demographic that is moving into Don Mills to grow and raise a family; employed by Don Mills with young children attending public schools in DM. A demographic that is growing in numbers in Don Mills, yet shrinking in DMRI membership.
  2. I love Don Mills.
    1. I love the Mid Century Modern architecture of Don Mills – the history of it, that no Victorians or Edwardians were allowed to be built!
    2. I Love the green spaces, the inter-connected parks, and rail-line converted walking trails
    3. I Love that I can walk to pick up my kids from daycare, pick up some groceries and return our library books on the way home.
    4. I love my neighbours, and the sense of community – watching over and after each other.

As you can tell, I’m in love with Don Mills, which is why I joined the DMRI executive team to give back to this wonderful and vibrant community.