Airplane Noise

It's time for Don Mills to make some noise!

Why is Don Mills and North Toronto getting the 50% of the flight path?

On February 9, 2012, a highly concentrated flight path was imposed over previously unaffected mid-town Toronto communities many kilometers from Pearson International Airport, including Don Mills. The new arrivals flight path has resulted in aircraft flying too low (e.g., below 3,000 ft), being too loud and flying too frequently (e.g., every 2 to 5 minutes) over Don Mills, which compromises the quality of life and health of residents under its path.  Mid-town Toronto neighbourhoods now bear a disproportionate amount of excessive noise and intrusions daily with more than 86,000 flights passing over our homes representing an astonishing 50% of all aircraft arrivals into Pearson International Airport.  

The Toronto Aviation Noise Group (T.A.N.G.) represents a broad consensus of Toronto ratepayers associations, including DMRI, and is committed to achieving an amended airspace design to provide a more fair and equitable distribution of Pearson airport’s arrivals traffic over Toronto.

 Renewed worries for Don Mills residents

What has been a constant disturbance for Etobicoke residents over the past three weeks has been a welcome respite for people living farther east in Don Mills.

In 2012, Nav Canada shifted flight approaches and condensed the flight traffic over a smaller area near that area of the city. Residents said the amount of sound created increased dramatically — claiming plane engines could be heard overhead every three to five minutes.

"I've been outside with my neighbours and you have to stop talking at times because they're flying so low and so loud."
- Cara McKerracher, Don Mills resident

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Residents want answers at GTAA meeting on Pearson flight noise during runway revamp

For further information regarding the concentrated arrivals flight path over Don Mills, please visit the T.A.N.G web site or to track airplanes over your house:
To register an airplane noise complaint with Pearson Airport, please call 416-247-7682 or fill out the on-line form at
To complain about the concentrated flight path over Don Mills and demand a more equitable and fair distribution of aircraft over Toronto, please contact your Member of Parliament:  
Yasmin Ratansi, MP Don Valley East, 416-443-0343,