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  1. Hi,

    Just thought I should let you know that I love to watch the planes flying over my house in Don Mills. I have never found them to be noisy or a distraction.

  2. Re “Loves To Watch The Planes Flying Over My House”.

    OK, there is one person who likes noisy, low flying passenger jets at all hours of the day and night, reigning down noise pollution, making it pretty much impossible to enjoy being outside on a Summer day and basically ruining what is left of the peace and quiet we moved to Don Mills for in the first place. Well, enjoy it while you can Mr. McNeil. Because if I and the thousands of other people who live not only in Don Mills but other affected communities can get the changes made that are so badly needed, you will have to join the other “airplane spotters” who gather on the roads around Pearson to watch planes land. Don’t forget to take your noise cancelling headphones.

  3. We have lived in our Don Mills home for over 40 years. For the past 3 -5 years, the level of noise by the airplane traffic in both the takeoff and descent mode is deafening, to the extent that we have to stop talking if outside on the patio. The deafening plane noise occurs about every 3 minutes throughout the day and night. Billions of $ of medical costs are being created by the airplane industry’s high noise level. We have become virtual prisoners inside the house and have to close the windows overnight. This global issue must be resolved by changing descent angles, takeoff angles, or modifying the airplane wings to diffuse the noise, which have implemented in other global airports.

  4. The airport authority wants to expand the airport and increase the number of flights even more as they want to increase their profits. You should focus your efforts on making your voices heard that you are against their expansion plans not trying to get other neighbourhoods to take more flights, nobody wants more flights over their heads!

  5. 7:30 PM I’m in Don Mills and I can hear inside my Bungalow, the roaring sound of many many planes flying overhead for me to be hearing this inside is ridiculous

  6. Wow! I can’t believe that 50% of Pearson Arrivals use the East Runway over North York. Disproportionate!

  7. I am very surprised by the comments on the airplane “noise”. Having to stop conversations is it so loud? No in this reality. “Deafening”? Once again, no. I have been outside right under the lowest flying planes many, many times and I can hear them but they are not loud by any reasonable measure.

  8. We have never found airplane noise to be of any concern. We live in a major city and air travel is part of our good life

  9. The noise level from airplanes over Don Mills is awful and going to get worse. The flight path was changed a few years ago(without consultation) and now severely affects those under it. Before there was some leeway but now with GPS, planes do not deviate by more than a wingspan. So if you are under that path, you are in for constant noise.At the GTAA meeting, they disclosed that Toronto will be a new hub, and passenger count is to double in the next 20 years. Right now we can’t have windows open at night or sit outside because of the racket. If it does not bother you too much now,just wait.

  10. I live inside the don way and never find the planes deafening. I am in a lot of planes and the reality is planes fly in the sky. Over people’s houses. We all the the benefit of air travel…and I doubt anyone who has complained about noise has protested by stopping their personal travel. Any planes we see or hear…well it’s all part of city and suburban life in a thriving city and I’m grateful for it!

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