Reactions to 169 The Donway Proposal

We are in strong opposition to the application to increase allowed height from 8 storeys to over 38 storeys.

That would make e great money for the developer or perhaps the City at the negative impact and expense of the many years of quiet and stable enjoyment and mostly seniors in the north part of Lawrence.

Seniors and their families have already been upset and affected by the disappearing of an indoor mall for them to socialize and sit and chat before 2012.   That changed the community life of many many while the site is more for younger generation who can walk and enjoy in winter time.

The application to increase the allowed height will set precedence to developer to buy land and change to further upset the quite enjoyment in the north part of Lawrence where no condo or apartment are over 8 storeys, which at least is consistent and blend into the community.

Traffic obviously also a huge concern other than the psycho and social factors mentioned above.

We trust that DMRI will work on strong objection to this planned application with no acceptance of any deal. Thanks!



I’m sure as an organization you are already doing everything you can to fight & oppose the proposal for 169 The Donway; so thank you in advance.  My husband & I thought we’d send an email to document our opposition to the proposal in case you’re consolidating people’s concerns.

Unfortunately we were unable to attend the Community information evening regarding the proposal for 169 The Donway West.  However, we want to ensure our concerns are received, so per Jaye Robinson’s suggestion, we’re reaching out to you.

I STRONGLY oppose the current proposal for this location for the following reasons:

  • We are already seeing increased traffic congestion in the area over the last year with the addition of the two condo buildings already added & occupied & this will already increase with the building that is nearing completion. With this huge proposal it will grow exponentially!  This will definitely impact my decision to let my children ride their bikes to the local park there.
  • Already increased pedestrian traffic through the Shops at Don Mills & the community open area spaces, this will just get worse.
  • This buildings keep taking away parking space for the Shops.
  • The size of these two proposed buildings are WAY over the standard for the area & will NOT fit in at all.  It will restrict site lines to the CN Tower.
  • we feel the amount of new condo buildings & the higher population density will have a negative impact on property values in the area
  • These buildings should be no taller than 10 stories.

We urge you to please strongly oppose this new development as it is currently proposed & restrict the size & density of the project.

Kerry & Darcy


Dear Ms. Robinson,

Thank you for attending Don Mills meeting on 31.5.2016. I am concerned about all of the above you mentioned in your letter. I have a simple question : How is it possible  that nobody follows the original OPA planning Number  587 ? They- the City planners- do not respect it ( see  Page 6 and 7  – Official plan amendment # 587  : The building to be complimentary and to scale  … 8 stories height.)  Somebody at the meeting mentioned it was already approved. Nobody from the panel denied it. Can you comment?

With best regards,


Dear Premier of Ontario,

I am writing to you to express my greatest concerns and worries about the development plan on 169 The Donway West and also about the long overdue of the OMB reform.

I live in and grew up in this beautiful neighborhood of Don Mills where my family and I call home. I am now happily married and with two children. We have always been proud of the great heritage and design principle of the Don Mills community. Much like us, our neighbours also share this great sense of responsibility to protect and guard this great Canadian community since 1960. I am sure you are also familiar with Don Mills as you also live close to the area.

I have recently learned about the development plan by Cadillac Fairview to build two massive tall structures on 169 The Donway West. This proposal is both outrage and absurd. Their intention is obviously trying to maximize their corporate profit and greed at the expense of thousands of families living near the area. The approval of this development plan would completely destroy the characteristic our community. The proposal completely disregards City’s Official Plan to have only low to mid rise no more than 8 stories and does not respect the identity and characteristic of Don Mills.

I would also like to call out the long overdue actions on reforming OMB and free Toronto from OMB. I really care about my city and Ontario. This is my home and I want to leave a better Ontario for my children and for my children’s children. I have seen too many cases where OMB completely disregard City’s Official Plan and the needs of the people and local community. Now is the time to act.

Thank you,


We want to express our outrage at this proposed construction. Ms. Robinson has listened  to many of us and know the concerns. The area has no infrastructure to support that many occupants. A two lane road is ridiculous even with the buildings that are newly constructed. Cars Park illegally on Overland all day, around the bank where there are no spots and even stopping on the street to run in and get liquor from the LCBO. As well, it took 2 1/2 years to start receiving a good cell signal that was perfect since we moved here in, ’97. Once these new buildings were being constructed it was horrible.  Now again.  Please all these people in such a small area is ridiculous. Maybe you will be successful in getting this halted. No government agency listens to constituents anymore.

Susan and Rodger, Broadpath Rd.



I’m writing to express my opposition to the 169 Donwest development. It is inconceivable to me how somebody would even come up with an idea to build 39 story building in a middle to low rise residential neighbourhood. Visual aspect aside this would substantially increase population density in the area not mention traffic and basic daily activities such as lineups during grocery shopping, library capability serving local population and basic other services. This would create a precedence for future developments outside of major arterial roads which I believe would be against the City of Toronto official plan.

I hope my voice will contribute to your efforts toward dismissal of such an application.

Andrew, Cottonwood Dr.


Dear Alex.

Let me start out by saying how badly I feel for you because you are in the middle of a shouting match which, unfortunately, has probably been decided before it has been debated. The meeting on Wednesday night regarding Cadillac Fairview’s outrageous proposal to build the 2 towers at 169 The Donway West gave a very small indication of how upset the Don Mills Residents are with this proposal.

Correct me if I am wrong. The “Planned Community of Don Mills” was formed in the 1950’s. One of its mandates was to have no building higher than 8 floors. SOMEHOW, 75 The Donway West got away with a building 14 floors high. I have heard that this building was constructed without a building permit, thus 14 floors. You might check this out. In your investigation, if you find that there was an exception granted by the OMB, or whatever the committee was called then, that exception was the downfall of the Don Mills concept.

Along comes Cadillac Fairview and buys 75 The Donway West. It is my understanding that a developer can build edifices on its property to the height of any edifice that is already on its property. Thus Cadillac Fairview could build any building  14 floors tall as it already owned a building standing 14 floors tall. Since this is the “thin edge of the wedge”, what is to stop Cadillac Fairview from building gigantic towers 39 and 34 floors high?

Alex, let me predict what will happen. Cadillac Fairview will end up conceding that it listened to the concerned residents and has compromised and decided to limit the towers to 35 and 30 floors, from the original 39 and 34 floors. What a wonderful company Cadillac Fairview is! Its reaching out to  the community is heartwarming!

What upsets me more than anything else is that this meeting was just a “show”. Why would the city object? Look at the extra tax dollars that the building will generate with no consideration to those who have to live with the consequences of such atrocities!

By the way, are the 1,712 parking spaces going to be equipped with electrical outlets to take care of the electrical cars which will ultimately be occupying these spaces? I understand these outlets cost approximately $5,000 per space.

You don’t have to answer this epistle. I just wanted to put myself on record, which is more than 99% of the meeting attendees will do. If nobody complains, the proposal must be ok, right? WRONG Alex! Let’s not let Cadillac Fairview do more damage to our area.


Larry, Don Mills Rd.



My Dear Premier,

The last time I communicated with you I got the very response I had begged your office not to send: boiler plate compiled by one of your highly political staff. I’d bet a new penny you never got to read it.

But the importance of this issue to the community of Don Mills is so critical that I am obliged to write you again. Perhaps with great good fortune it will actually get to your eyes.

I have lived in two locations in Don Mills since the winter of 1960. I think I know the nature and culture of this community as well as anyone. I have been a witness to and an opponent of greedy developer proposals since 1961 when one lot tried to surreptitiously rezone Parkwoods Village Drive before the new and naïve young home owners even knew where to put a garbage can.

And every last time it has been the OMB who were perceived and almost always were the local residents most fearsome adversary.

It is time, decades over due, to rid the highly governed city of Toronto of this antiquated adversarial beast. You are the premier. You live in the area. You can make it happen. So do please read what follows yourself and, at the very least, meet with the community on this issue.

Yours very truly,



Mr. Alex Teixeira:

Thank you for the information you provided to the residents of Don Mills at the May 31st Community Consulation Meeting.

As a resident and homeowner in Don Mills for the past 42  years, I wish to voice my concern and objection to the proposal by Cadillac Fairview for the two tall towers at 169 The Donway West.

I need not list the concerns and objections here because they were voiced very aptly and loudly at the meeting by some of the many who attended and, I am sure, through various communications with the City, as well as in Jaye Robinson’s June 2nd communication to residents following the meeting.

The most disturbing concern in my opinion is the utter and complete disrespect by Cadillac Fairview for the Don Mills community, its history and its residents as well as their disregard of the Official Plan and Zoning By-law for the property.

I ask that the City strongly oppose Cadillac Fairview’s application and appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Thank you.

Lillian, Don Mills Rd.