169 The Donway


In 2015, Cadillac Fairview proposed a new development for the former post office site at
169 The Donway. The proposal called for two tall condo towers, one of 39 stories and
the other of 34, with an FSI of 7.2 (FSI = the square footage of the building compared to
the site. Therefore, an FSI of 7 is roughly equivalent of putting a 7-storey building on
the entire site. It is a measure of density). This was dramatically bigger than the
neighbouring midrise buildings and went against the spirit of the agreement reached
between Cadillac Fairview, the City of Toronto and the DMRI in 2010 that had the high-
rise buildings in the middle of the development.
Cadillac Fairview brought a new partner in to help with the project, Lantera
Developments, and the DMRI began meeting with them, to express our concerns about
the new project, and to endeavour to keep Cadillac Fairview to the spirit of the original
Lanterra offered to have a mediation approach at the OMB instead of a formal hearing.
the DMRI gladly accepted as the formal process would have cost a great deal of money
with reduced probability of success. The DMRI with the assistance of a lawyer, the City
Lawyer and Planning staff and Lanterra and its planners and lawyer met with an OMB
mediator for two days.
What we ended up with was the following:
Tower 1 – 25 stories (Originally 39);
Height Tower 2 – 12 stories (Originally 34);
Density ( FSI) – 4.75 (Originally 7.2)
On top of that, we ended up with a $3 million section 37 payment from Lanterra towards
community improvements. It was noted in the settlement that this could be directed to
the Community Centre at the discretion of the local councillor.
It appears that our councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong has directed that money to the
Celestica site instead of the Community Centre in central Don Mills or any local
community benefit

Current 12 storey low rise towers